The Nicest Lunch ever……

It’s thursday morning..
I woke up a little bit late..The sun was almost showing his bright light to me..I was embarrassed of his beating me to wake up…hope this is not going to happen the next days..

after doing my daily routines..I went to the cafetaria to have my breakfast..then went back to my room to do some more chores..

then the time has running up to the lunch time..I cannot wait for it because my stomach is already calling for more cannot wait longer..but, i was wondering what can I eat..hope I will have some hero in’s just sea-wood.but tastes so good to me…just like fish..the TERI fish..

but what I faced was so much different…I loved them so much..I have kim..a lot of it..i can take as much as I’s cooked for us..moreover, they had CHICKEN for me…a lot ofspicy food..and delicious one ..they also had yoghurt..

today was the best ever food..