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What Makes KGSP Better than Other Scholarship Programs?

[Series of articles on KGSP: First article | Second article | Third article | Fourth article .] KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) is very prestigious scholarship program provided by the Korean government (NIIED) for international students who are willing… Continue reading

Merayakan Ramadhan di Tanah Korea

Hidup di negara asing tentunya menghadirkan tantangan dalam beraktivitas. Budaya dan aturan yang berbeda menuntut kita untuk menyesuaikan diri, dimana pun itu. Semakin menarik ketika kita terbenturkan dengan sesuatu yang wajib bagi kita,… Continue reading

Traveler Apps 2: SeoulBus

On the last post, I was writing about Naver Map that gives us alternatives of routes when traveling from one place to another. If we decide to choose one of them, and it… Continue reading

Common TOPIK Synonyms

Other Collection of Vocabularies: TOPIK Verbs | Adjectives | Adverbs |  Nouns The following are the very famous words for intermediate level that have similar meanings/synonyms with some other words. Having these words in mind while going to TOPIK test… Continue reading

Combining Clauses into Sentence in TOPIK Intermediate

After 10 multiple choice questions on the Writing part, there will be 2 questions that require us to combine three clauses into one very good sentence. We need to be very careful in… Continue reading

TOPIK Writing (쓰기) Tips

On the first section, after doing the 어휘-문법, then it comes the time for Writing (쓰기). Even though it has similar point (total 100 points) with other components of TOPIK, it has only… Continue reading

TOPIK Grammars (문법) Tips

Together with Vocabulary questions, Grammar makes out half of the questions in the first section of TOPIK test. The Grammar part starts from question number 14 up the the 26th question,  and also… Continue reading

Common TOPIK Nouns to remember

Other Collection of Vocabularies: TOPIK Verbs | Adjectives | Adverbs |  Nouns After getting more familiar with the Adjectives, Verbs, and Adverbs, now let’s g through noun that are very common in the last TOPIK tests and will probably come… Continue reading

Common TOPIK Adjectives to remember

Other Collection of Vocabularies: TOPIK Verbs | Adjectives | Adverbs |  Nouns In the previous post, we learnt about many common Verbs (동사) on the TOPIK test. Now, we will do very similar things for the Adjectives (형용사). I will… Continue reading

TOPIK Vocabularies (어휘) Tips

Let’s get started with the most-feasibly-escalated-in-few-weeks skill, the Vocabularies. Vocabularies (어휘) comes out in the very first session of the test, in one package with Grammar (문법). Out of 30 questions, each of… Continue reading