As White As Snow

Today is one of the most beautiful day during my staying in Korea for the last three months. Not only does it is Friday (every loves Friday ^_^), but it’s also the first snowing day. Everybody seems very happy of it; many foreign students freeze this moment in their camera, some of them enjoy the snow by writing their name on it, and even Korean students do not want to miss this moment (many of them also taking pictures and playing around with it).

What’s so special of snow?

Snow only comes a few times a year (in most cases), in other words, it’s not a daily-happening occurrence. Special matter does not happen everyday, if it does, it will not be special anymore. In order to see snow, normally, people need to wait for quite long period of time, and even in many cases, need to go to certain areas of the earth.

Once the snow flakes smoothly fall down beautifully from the sky, [almost] everybody is happy about it; it brings joy to the earth. Some people would go to skiing in nearest mountain, a bunch of people might create snowman, several number of teenagers may enjoy the snow fight, and for sure, the social media will be dominated by snow-related stories and pictures.

On the other side, several number of people might hate snow very much. It’s slippery, some people need also to clean up the street, the cars need to be washed more oven, the cars are stuck in the street and can barely move, and many more of them. However, this comparably small shortcomings are much less significance to the happiness that snow brings.

Nonetheless, no matter how badly those people dislikes snow, it still brings up new opportunities to them. Some people can work part time to clean up the streets, merchants can sell more winter stuffs during the snowing season, some will have more convincing reasons to be late to schools/works (not a good one, though), or even families will have more time together at home.

Snowing Day

Snowing Day

Learning from Snow

In many occasions, we need to learn from snow and many of its behaviors. (I always think that there are nothing in this world created without purpose and that we can learn from each and every single piece of them.)  We might not be able to be together with our friends or loved ones all the time, and they might expect significantly long period of time to see us. But once that moment comes, many people will be very happy. For those who work/study in different cities (or even countries) than your hometown, visiting your family, undergrad friends, or even kindergarten peeps will illuminate joy in their hearts. The same happiness will also happen when long-time-not-meeting friends have few hours of conversation, just like the joy brings to us in winter.

On the other side, in most cases, it’s somehow better for us to reside in comparatively far from our loved ones. Besides giving us time to grow up, it somehow is the best way to strengthen the love-bond within our relationship. Meeting/staying together with love one is not always the best way to invigorate our bonds. The more you miss someone, the more beautiful it feels when you meet him/her/them.

And one more thing, we might not be able to make everyone happy. But rather than thinking too much about those who hate us and slow us down, it’s somehow much better to spend more time with the ones that love us and push us to be better figure.