The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This book was firstly published in 2006, following a DVD video with the same title published earlier in the same year. Written by Rhonda Byrne accompanied by several other who she thinks are those who know the secret of “The Secret”, “The Secret” was sold over 4 million copies with more than 30-different language translations are available. The DVD itself was sold more than 1.5 million copies, putting both the book and the DVD as “best-sellers”

Basically, “The Secret” tells us that we can do, achieve, or be whatever we want, since our thoughts are so great that it can control the Universe. Why Rhonda Byrne believes this way? It’s because the unmistaken “law of attraction” in which like attracts like and dislike attract dislike. If we think that we want to be ‘that way’ then our thought will transmit a frequency to the Universe that will spread out our thought, then the Universe will re-transmit back what we thought, calling the “like thoughts” lying in the Universe, and bring them to us.

“The Secret” puts our mind like a magnet; it will attract everything similar to it. Moreover, the “likeliness” is even in wider scope, our thought is much more powerful than regular magnet; it will attract ‘thoughts,’ in the state of both conscious and the other way around. It’s just like the Law of Gravity that will work no matter no one understands it or not.

It says that if you think greatness about your life, then every greatness will be provided to you. Vice versa, if you think your life is a misery, then you’ll find it that way. Therefore, “the Secret” tells the reader to always be thinking good about their life, no matter in what condition, so that he will attract great things to be summoned into his life.

Then how do we use “the Secret?” Mrs Byrne and her colleagues explain that there are 3 steps to implement “the Secret” in our life, asking, believing, and receiving. Asking means that you firstly need to ask the Universe what you want to get/be/do. It might look like simple step but it is not. We have to create a clear visualization of what we want. If we want a house, then how we want our house will be look like, what color it is, how big it is, and so on so forth.

The second step is believing, putting yourself in trust that you have gotten already what you’re wishing for. You need to act, speak, and think as you have gotten what you want. Do not make any contradictive actions toward you’ve asked for. When you transmit the frequency of having received it, then the Universe will listen to your wish and re-transmit what your thoughts attract, providing the circumstance you deserve, and finally bring your wish into reality.

Then the last step is receiving, suggesting us that we should feel like we’ve received what we’ve asked for, and meaning feeling good about it. If we feel our desire has come to reality, then the Universe will bring us there.

My View upon this book

Basically, this book is such a tremendous book to me. I learn a lot from this book in how I should feel and behave toward our thought and state of being. This Rhonda’s book is just amazing in the content. However, on the greater span, I don’t agree in her saying that by only having good thought and the belief toward it, we can be whatever we want, that we are the creator of our own Universe.

In that state, she neglects the existence of God, the True Creator. Nonetheless, If I were supposed to comment in regard of this book, I will follow the story within, except that instead of leaving everything to the universe, I will leave it to God Almighty who has the control over everything.

In the 3 steps of applying the Secret, I believe the most correct way is asking to God what you want, then believing that you would get what you want if God Thinks that what you’ve asked is the best for your, if not, God will Replace it with better occurrence.