The Fallacy of “Evolution Theory”

As first declared and published by Charles Darwin, the Evolution Theory has been one of the most significant theory in Science. Most (if not all) scientists have no bit of doubt toward the Darwin’s theory. The Biologists all across the world put that theory as the fundamental understanding before moving forward to learn more advance Biology.

Darwin believes that the first creatures was Amoeba, a single-cell being that has a very basic characteristics of living matters. Then it evolved into the next generation of living matters. It was continuously evolving until we have the final stage of evolution, the Human Being. The concept of “survival of the fittest” allows only powerful living matters to survive; the others were dead since they couldn’t adjust the environmental changes and the competition.

Its Falacy

The fundamental asumption in this theory is that one creature will transform into another one because of the environment or the competition. Before amphibia existed, there was only ‘in-water’ living animal. Since the surrounding was not cooperative, it had to adjust to the new environment. Then after a long span of time, the fish was becoming an amphibia. The amphibia then stayed in land more than in the water, creating a new level of living creatures, mammalia.

One important thing during the evolution is the the transformation from one state to the other state of being. There must be transformation from the fish before becoming the amphibia. Since the evolution takes time, there must be a lot of ‘transformative creatures’ in between as the supportive facts of thie theory. We need a lot artifacts of fish with rear feet in it; then there must be fish with rougher skin like that of frogs. But we cannot find any kind of them.

To support the Theory of Evolution, there must be such ‘transformative living’ in between every stage. The scientists, however, do not have that sufficient artifacts of such creatures. Therefore, it’s absolute that the Theory of Evolution argued by Charles Darwin in his Origin of Species is just another fallacy of human thought.

Wallahualam bish-shohhab…