There still a higher layer beyond the highest sky level

Assamu’alaikum wr wb

My friends,
You’re true saying that the title of the article is scientifically incorrect according to the current Science and grammar of the English literature. It’s just a representation that human being is just nothing, there must be one of it that always better than the other.

Today, the 25th of April, I had a mental-striking experiment. After doing the group homework with my friends, we went to the cafetaria to have dinner. It was quite late, almost 7 p.m. Over there, I met 3 of my female classmates, having dinner as well. However, when it came to eating beside them, 2 of those girls didn’t eat. They were putting their meal to a mealbox. What in the world is going on in here?!

After around one minute sitting with them on the same table, my wonder was answered. I asked them why they didnt it, and then the answer came from the 3rd girl, a Phillipines. She said that both of them were fasting! Oh my God! How could I be beated by girls in doing good deeds?! It was like the most embarrasing thing in my life. It is perfectly fine with me to be knocked out by girl in Taekwondo game or being left behind while running. But, being defeated in doing Islamic good deeds, it should’ve not be happening!

I got one thing out of this. A very simple and common. It is no need for me to tell you guys what it is. Our elementary school teachers always told us this thing everyday. There still someone greater than you, no matter who you are. The must be someone smarter than Einstein. There must be a guy stronger than The Rock! There must be a programmer better than Bill Gates or even there must be helpful women than mother Theresa. I was reminded about that thing today. I was so greedy feeling that I could be great, but after this occurance, I should staring at the mirror, seeing who the h**k I am. I gotta to know more about my self, respect other people more and more, and promise to never look down toward other people.

Thank YOU Allah for reminding me. I have more believe that YOU love me more than anyone in this entire universe. No matter how hard it is; how bitter it is; or even how heart beating it is, I’ll always be thankful for all of YOUR helps. Alhamdullilahirobbil ‘Alamin.